The industry of possibility

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There’s a rumor circulating that John John Florence will be signing with Hurley in the very near future. This is certainly a big deal for Hurley, a homegrown company that has not quite enjoyed putting such a high caliber surfer to its name. We reckon it comes at an equally high price, for young Florence must have many contracts to choose from. Arguably–meaning we’re happy to argue, but we’re right–he is the future of the sport. The timing seems unusual, since the surf industry, like most, has taken its fair share of hits over the past several years. Of course, we saw Quiksilver cut its Pro New York from this year’s ASP World Tour while keeping big-ticket names like Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds close at hand; Reynolds recently re-signed with Quiksilver for six more years. With pro surfers’ salaries growing in the midst of job cuts and consolidation, we’re becoming a bit concerned for the industry. Still, it’s great to see John John enjoying the accolades–and the paycheck–he deserves, and, don’t forget, if the Billabongs and Volcoms of the world go belly-up, all you need is a shaper and a wave.