Surfing, politics, and engine trouble

Photo by Conrad Young

Whenever a swell comes in with a considerable amount of hype, we consistently accept the forecast as fact, easily welcoming the fantasy of best-ever waves careening overhead in just a few days’ time. Our awareness of this tendency (of basically, being suckers) does nothing to prevent it from happening time and time again. We map our itineraries, make a call, and drive.

This weekend, like most others, was yet another example of overhyped swell, but if the waves were not gigantic, the conditions were a wintry ideal: no wind, sizable sets, and warmth, at least above the water. Conrad, Hogie, and Drew set out to score and stayed out long enough to irritate at least one wife, to spar politically, and for the car to break down. Worth it? From the photos they brought back, we think so.